Posted on May 04, 2024 in: General News

Have you signed up with Flocknote? Flocknote is a tool for Catholic communication. Through Flocknote St. Peter Church can notify all those subscribed at a moment's notice, and keep you up to date of important information by email or text.
If you have not yet subscribed to Flocknote please mail to the Parish Office your name, email address and mobile phone number, or bring your information directly to the Parish Office. If the office is closed, just drop your envelope marked "FLOCKNOTE" through the parish office door mail slot. Do not place the envelope in the mailbox.
You may also visit saintpeter.flocknote.com and provide your name, email address and mobile phone number using the online form. Use your mobile form, text the word saintpeter (one word, no spaces) to this number: 84576. Within 30 seconds you will receive a reply with instructions on how to finish signing up.
If you have signed up for Flocknote to receive texts and/or email notices and you have had a change of phone number or email address, please call the Parish Office at 650-359-6313 and have your information updated by the parish secretary.
Thank you!