Liturgical Ministries

Parishioners and visitors are welcomed to the Lord’s Table at St. Peter Catholic Church at weekend and weekday liturgies. Mass is supported by liturgical ministers who contribute to our worship through their service and participation in the liturgy. Communion ministers, lectors, cantors, choir members, altar servers, ushers, children’s liturgy of the word leaders and sacristans support the worship life of the parish. These ministers give of their time and talent by acting as stewards of the liturgy for the spiritual enrichment of all who attend.

If you have never served as a liturgical minister, this is your invitation! Just as ministers serve the community, the ministry serves the minister. There are so many parts of the Mass that provide for spiritual growth and a wonderful sense of community working together. 

Liturgical Ministries and tasks involved are described below.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Children celebrate the Sunday Scriptures and pray together in the Church Meeting Room during Sunday Mass at 11:00 a.m. Youngsters are formally dismissed from the Mass and led by adult prayer leaders immediately following the Opening Prayer. They return to the regular assembly for the Liturgy of the Eucharist. This program is a part of our regular liturgy and does not require registration or payment.

Contact: Sister Hilda Sandoval - (650) 359-6313, Ext. 19

Altar Servers/Acolytes

Children age 9 and older, who are baptized Catholics and who have made their First Holy Communion, are invited to serve as altar servers. New altar servers must attend a training session that prepares them to serve at weekday and weekend Masses. 

Contact: Sister Hilda Sandoval - (650) 359-6313, Ext. 19

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, who have been trained through the Archdiocese of San Francisco, also serve as altar servers.

Contact the Parish Office - (650) 359-6313.

Altar Society

Members of the Altar Society collect soiled altar linens and take them home to launder and iron, returning them to the church before the next weekend’s liturgy.

Contact the Parish Office - (650) 359-6313.

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are trained and available to assist the Celebrant in the distribution of the Body & Blood of Christ during weekday and Sunday Masses. The ministry is open to adults and high school youth who have a sincere love and appreciation for God’s gift of the Eucharist. In addition to the desire to serve, Extraordinary Ministers must be baptized Catholics who have received their First Holy Communion and Confirmation, must go through training and must be free to receive the sacrament and not restrained through a marriage situation. Communion Ministers must be a high school sophomore or older. The Archdiocese of San Francisco requires ongoing education of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion every three years.

Contact the Parish Office - (650) 359-6313.

Hospitality Ministry

Greeters warmly welcome all to our church. To new members and visitors, they are the first impression of our community.  Children of the parish distribute bulletins after each weekend Mass. 

Contact: Sr. Hilda Sandoval - (650) 359-6313, Ext 19.

Lector / Prayer Reader

Readers proclaim the Word of God during Mass and the Prayers of the Faithful. Those who are interested in this ministry should have a sincere love of Scripture and a desire to proclaim. This ministry is open to adults and confirmed high school youth. Those seeking training for this ministry must be members of this parish and must be fully initiated Roman Catholics.  The Archdiocese of San Francisco requires ongoing education of Lector/Prayer Readers every three years.

Contact the Parish Office - (650) 359-6313.

Music Ministries

Cantors lead the Assembly in prayerful song during liturgical celebrations.
Choir members enhance liturgy by singing sacred music so that the faithful may raise their voices in song. Rehearsals are held weekly on Wednesday evenings September through June. 

Contact the Parish Office - (650) 359-6313.