Make a one-time donation by PayPal or credit card using the buttons below.  You will obtain a receipt for your donation.


If you have a special intention or want an acknowledgement of your donation sent to someone, you will have an opportunity to provide this information.   On the page “Review your payment” put your information into the box “add special instructions to merchant.”  (Example:  In memory of Emile Silver.   Please mail acknowledgement to Mrs. Joan Silver, wife of Emile Silver, at 1234 Jones St., San Francisco, CA  94100)


St. Peter Memorial Fund


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To sign up for recurring donations using Parish Pay, click here.  (On the Parish Pay page, click on the arrow “Click here to start giving now.”  Next, on Step 1 of 4, enter “St. Peter Church” in the “Name of Church” search box, and continue from there.)