St. Peter Parish, Pacifica, California

Parish Committees

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Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. For more information:
Contact Kathleen Bissell by email:

Pastoral Council Members

Father Jerome Foley, Pastor Kathleen Bissell, President Sister Hilda Sandoval, Pastoral Associate
Jim Dahlstrom Eileen Barsi Cristina Caro
Theresa Kannengeiser Kevin Kannengeiser Dale Fajardo
Frances Romero Eric Romero Lisa Wuerstle
Dave Minetto Judi Steele Pat Carroll

Pastoral Council Minutes

Pastoral Council does not meet in July & August

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April May June
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Finance Committee - Return to Top of Page

The Finance Committee meets 4 times a year or more as needed.  More Information:
Contact the rectory - (650) 359-6313

Finance Committee Members

Father Jerome Foley Dale Fajardo, Ed.D., M.B.A., Chairman
Mary Duch Lisa Wuerstle, M.B.A.


Finance Committee Minutes

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Liturgy Committee - Return to Top of Page

The Liturgy Committee meets on the last Tuesday of the month.  More Information:
Contact the rectory - (650) 359-6313  

Liturgy Committee Members

Father Jerome Foley, Pastor Eileen Barsi, Chairperson
Sister Hilda Sandoval, Pastoral Associate,
 RCIA, Childrens Religious Education, Children's liturgy,
 Yourh Servers, Ushers, Hospitality and Environment Coordinator
Jim Dahlstrom, Music Ministry Director
David Minetto, Sacristan Coordinator Margaret Minetto, Sacristan Coordinator
Denise Allen, Confirmation Coordinator/Youth Ministry Judi Steele, Acolyte & Eucharistic Minister Coordinator
Vickie Newman, Committee Secretary, Lector/Prayer Reader Co-Cordinator Pat Carroll, Lector/Prayer Co-Coordinator