St. Peter Parish, Pacifica, California

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The Pastoral Council meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. For more information:
Contact Kathleen Bissell - (650) 291-0839 - email:

Pastoral Council Members

Father Jerome Foley -

Sister Hilda Sandoval, Pastoral Associate -

Kathleen Bissell, President -

Cristina Caro -

Eileen Barsi -

Theresa Kannengeiser -

Kevin Kannengeiser -

Frances Romero -

Eric Romero -

Jim Dahlstrom -

Dale Fajardo -

Mary Duch -

Lisa Wuerstle -

Dave Minetto -

Margaret Minetto -   

Bettyann Motylewski -

Vickie Newman -

Judi Steele -

Pat Carroll -

Pastoral Council Minutes

Pastoral Council does not meet in July & August

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July August September
October November December


Finance Committee - Return to Top of Page

The Finance Committee meets 4 times a year or more as needed.  More Information:
Contact:  Dale Fajardo - (650) 787-2122    email:

Finance Committee Members

Father Jerome Foley -

Dale Fajardo, Ed.D., M.B.A., Chairman -

Mary Duch -

Roxanne Ekhos, C.P.A. -

Lisa Wuerstle, M.B.A. -

Finance Committee Minutes

January April    


Liturgy Committee - Return to Top of Page

The Liturgy Committee meets on the last Tuesday of the month.  More Information:
Contact:  Father Foley - (650) 359-6313    email:

Liturgy Committee Members

Father Jerome Foley, Pastor

Sister Hilda Sandoval, Pastoral Associate, RCIA, Childrens Religious Education, Children's liturgy, Yourh Servers, Ushers, Hospitality and Environment Coordinator -

Eileen Barsi, Chairperson -

Pat Carroll, Lector/Prayer Co-Coordinator -

Jim Dahlstrom, Music Ministry Director -

David Minetto, Sacristan Coordinator -

Margaret Minetto, Sacristan Coordinator -   

BettyAnne Motylewski, Confirmation Coordinator/Youth Ministry -

Vickie Newman, Committee Secretary, Lector/Prayer Reader Co-Cordinator -

Judi Steele, Acolyte & Eucharistic Minister Coordinator -