St. Peter Parish, Pacifica, California

St. Peter Gift Card Program

Contact:  Gary Queirolo - E-mail:


The St. Peter Gift Card program provides the opportunity for parishioners to support St. Peter Catholic Church at no additional cost by purchasing gift cards for everyday shopping or gift giving.  The parish earns a percentage of the gift card's face value at the time of sale.  For example, buy a $100 Safeway gift card and $4.00 will go to the church.  Buy a Barnes and Noble gift card for $100 and $8.00 will go to the church!


We keep the most popular gift cards in stock.  They are available for purchase in the Narthex after Mass or in the rectory during business hours.  The cards currently in stock are:

76 $25
Arco $50
Chevon $25 & $50
Safeway $25, $50 and $100
Shell $25 and $50
Starbucks $10 and $25
Target $25 & $50
Visa (can use at Costco) $50 & $100


In addition to the cards in stock, hundreds of other retailer gift cards area available to order.  Orders are processed after the last mass on Sunday and are available to pick up in the rectory starting the following Friday or after any mass.  To see a current list of the gift cards available to order, and the percentage of the purchase price that goes to the church, click here.

Questions/Comments/Special Orders:

If you have questions, comments or have a special order (Large quantities or different denominations), please contact our gift card coordinator by email at: